Effective May 1, 2019 Brown & Associates Law Office is excited to announce that they will be joining Pullan Kammerloch Frohlinger. You will now be redirected to their website.

Areas of Practice

Real Estate

We deliver fast service locally.  Who should take Title? What are the tax consequences? Advance planning can achieve significant tax savings for you.

We look at the whole picture.

  • Buy, Sell or Rent
    • Farm
      •  Life Interest/Remaindership Interest
      • Trading Farm Land
      • Replacement Property Rules
      • GST Advice
      • Ejector Exemptions
      • Homestead Advice
      • Options/ Rights of First Refusal
      • Easements
      • Farm Leases
    • Commercial
      • Sale of Assets
      • Commercial Leases
    • Residential – House, Condo, Life Lease, Residential Tenancy Issues
      • Maximize Your Principal Residence Exemption and Reduce Tax
  • Development, Construction & Subdivision
  • Whether custom building your own home or the development of 200 lot subdivision, we can help you navigate through the maze of regulations.
    • Customized Building Contracts
    • Condo and Life Lease Establishment